November 30, 2023

Dear SPC Families,

I pray you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This week, we are excited to begin the much-anticipated Book Fair! A special thank you to Mrs. Dohr and her team of book fair elves, who make our Book Fair a HUGE success! Please see below for more details! We hosted two parent mingles this week for preschool and 1st-grade families at Harp and Fiddle. Thank you to Mrs Waldeck and our CTS chairs, who helped with the event! I look forward to the next parent gathering—VIVA LasSPegas! Please see below for updated information. Tomorrow, we begin re-enrollment for the 24-25 school year; please be on the lookout for that email!


  • Re-enrollment Begins Tomorrow!
  • Change in 3-8 Music & Band
  • Save the Date Christmas Prayer Service and Concert Grades PS-3
  • December Save the Dates 

I often find the season of Advent more challenging than Lent. It is easy to get carried away in the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations as the commercial Christmas can very quickly overshadow the anticipation and prayer asked of us during Advent. Advent calls us to slow down, to be countercultural. Each week, as we sit in the darkness, the light of each week is revealed to us as we light the candles representing hope, peace, joy, and love, which helps prepare our hearts for the Christ Child.

Full confession: it is hard for me to remain in the quiet darkness of Advent while my Christmas to-do lists dance around in my head. December is chaotic! School activities, baking, lists, parties, more baking, and shopping to plan that “magical” Christmas are no easy tasks as a parent. Each year, I challenge myself to sit longer in the darkness…to pray, and to reflect. As I light the advent candles or sit in the darkness and enjoy the Christmas tree lights, the commercial chaos diminishes, and I find myself focusing more on preparing my heart for the birth of Jesus.  

During the three weeks of Advent that we are in school, the teachers will help the children prepare their hearts for Jesus; we will light the Advent candles, discuss the meaning of Advent, and wait in eager anticipation for the birth of the Christ Child! Our early childhood children will have an Advent Prayer Service each week, and our older students will attend Mass and reconciliation during this time. In classrooms, you will not see Christmas decorations or activities until the last week before the break to help children understand the Advent Season. Each Monday, we will light our classroom Advent Wreaths with a school-wide prayer over the PA led by the Student Council. Student Council and NJHS will lead the school in a service project. I hope some resources below can help your family reflect and honor the Advent season!



SPC has a long-standing tradition of partnering with the parish social service ministry to ensure that needy families in our community have a wonderful Christmas. The Adopt-A-Family program will collect funds and purchase gift cards so families can buy their own gifts. Given the timeline, we ask that funds be collected by December 10, 2023. Please consider donating to the Adopt-A-Family program so our school can continue this Advent tradition. 100% of these proceeds will go towards the Adopt-A-Family program in Social Service Ministry. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION

Re-Enrollment for 2024-2025
We will hold our re-enrollment from December 1st through January 18th. You will need to complete re-enrollment (we are using the same process as last year through FACTS) to secure your child’s space for the 24-25 school year. We will email all families the link for their student packet(s) tomorrow. If any family accidentally created a new student application, please contact Mrs. Waldeck immediately so she can deactivate that application and reverse the fee.  


Unfortunately, the new music teacher has a family tragedy and is unable to come to SPC to teach for the rest of the year. We are looking for her replacement and hope to welcome a new teacher soon. 

We will welcome Band for Today to campus on December 8th to begin the registration process. Stay tuned for more information. Lessons will start in January.

We are partnering with Band for Today to continue the band program! On December 8th, all students in band and in the 3-8 will receive information on registering for band and lessons. One small change to the program is that all lessons will take place during the school day. We hope this change will encourage more students to participate in the program as it will not interfere with afterschool activities! Students will take their weekly lessons on a 5-week rotating basis so that they are not pulled at the same time each week. We will also begin offering piano instruction for K-8 students during the school day.  

Looking to Volunteer?
A reminder that all volunteers at school must be in full compliance with our safe environment protocols!  Please click here if you think you would like to volunteer in the future.  This includes coaching, room parents, lunch parents, SPC Olympic volunteers etc..

Save the Date Christmas Prayer Service and Concert Grades PS-3
WHERE: Church

WHEN: Thursday, December 21 at 10:00 am

GUESTS ALLOWED: We will Livestream so friends and family can watch it. Please be mindful of the number of guests you bring; we have limited capacity. 

PARKING:  Parking will be a challenge. Please utilize the public parking in Park Ridge. YOU MAY NOT PARK IN FM GLOBAL or RYAN PARKE FUNERAL HOME.

CAN I BRING MY OLDER STUDENTS TO THE CONCERT? No, the older students will see the concert on Wednesday, December 20th, during the practice, allowing for more room in the church.

WHY DO WE DO THE SERVICE DURING THE DAY? Excellent question; the truth is when we host the concert at 6 or 7 at night for these little ones, it can be a challenge. Asking them to perform when they should be unwinding for the day and getting ready for bed does not make for ideal circumstances, especially during the excitement of the holiday season. We understand that it isn't always the best for parent schedules, but we appreciate your understanding that this decision is focused on what is best for the kids. We will livestream the performance so that you can still see your child perform if you can't be there.

December 21-  Preschool-3 Christmas Concert (see above for details)
December 22  Last day of school before Christmas break!


Dr. Erika Mickelburgh

SPC Home & School Association

Home & School Association Restaurant Fundraiser - Raising Cane’s Chicken- Wednesday, December 6 from 4pm to close

The H&S fundraiser will be at Raising Cane’s Chicken on Wednesday, December 6th. If you participate, students may come out of uniform on Thursday, December 7th. Please mention the SPC fundraiser when placing your order.  They will not have out of uniform passes, so please send your receipt to school with your child. Thank you for your support!

Raising Cane Chicken

Celebrating the Spirit 2024

Nov. 30 CTS Thursday

Keep those amazing Well Wishes coming! See below for all the details.

CTS FAQ sheet
Please click here for our flipbook packet on Celebrating the Spirit 2024!

Or, click on the individual links below. 
Parent Letter 
Well Wishes 
Party Boards

Thank you! 
CTS 2024 Co-Chairs
Kelly Bontempo, Amy DiGregorio, and Megan Weber

Scholastic Book Fair - November 30th - December 5th
Please click here to download all the details!

More School News

SPC Athletic News
Athletics has a lot going on and this is just a preview of what you can find in the newsletter below.
-Last call volleyball registration-Links in newsletter
-Football Update 5TH/6TH and 7th/8th graders 
-Bitty Basketball update
-Pack the gym-Dec 9th-SPC vs SPC all day come cheer on your favorite Tiger
-Signup Genius for volunteers at our games-Dec/Jan games 

Hot Lunch Registration January-April 2024

Registration is now open for Hot Lunch January - April 2024. This registration will close Friday, December 22nd at 11:59pm. You will have the option to order month to month if you do not want to register for the full trimester. Please use this registration form even if you are just registering for the month of January. If you have any questions please let me know.

Hot Lunch Registration Jan-April

Smiling Strings Violin AND Guitar Winter Season Begins on December 5th. Please click here for the details and flyer.


We have an active and vibrant parish and encourage everyone to read the weekly bulletins for Fr. James' weekly letter and stay informed about all upcoming events and programs. 

Please click here for the latest bulletin. 
Please click here for Fr. James' "The Daily" - Daily Mass Readings and Reflections

Apostolat Logo
Please click here for the Apostolate of Women Registration Form.


St. Nick’s Party:  St. Nick’s is back! Last year we were able to bring part of the event back and this year we will have the full event (including the children’s shopping area!). The event will be 10 am to 12:30 pm on Sunday, December 3 in the Morello Parish Life Center – Gym. Please mark your calendars to attend and consider volunteering! See sign up links for adult and student volunteers below.  

Adult volunteer link: 

Student volunteer link (service hours available): Students: St. Nick's Party - Student Volunteers (

Click here to download the flyer.