School Theme Faith To Move Mountains Image 

The theme for the 2019/20 school year will be Angels Among Us. As we live out our educational ministry, we know we are surrounded by many Angels. Some of these Angels are heavenly, and they provide us with inspiration, guidance, and protection. Other Angels are earthly...our Catholic schools benefit deeply by the talents and support of our dedicated teachers, volunteers, and other supporters. We know that Angels are present throughout scripture, from the proclamations of the old testament to the celebration of Christ’s birth at the nativity.


We place the highest value on our Catholic beliefs, which are woven throughout all aspects of our lives at St. Paul of the Cross School. We believe that through an enriched prayer life, an awareness of the needs of others, and study of our faith, students will grow in their Catholic life. Our ultimate goal is to develop within each of our children a moral conscience that will help guide them throughout their lives. Morning prayers and intentions begin the students’ day. Once a week students in Kindergarten through 8th grade join the parish community at morning mass.

Through the school year, students plan and participate in monthly themed all school Masses. Parents and community members are invited to attend these and all prayer services. Our all school Masses celebrate saints, the season of the Church, Catholic traditions such as Rosary, Stations of the Cross, May Crowning, and important issues and concerns of our faith such as Social Justice, and being good stewards of the Earth.

We work to instill in each of our students a lifelong desire and commitment to helping others. All of our students participate in local, national and/or international community service projects. These projects vary from year to year and often correspond with the interests of individual grades.

  • Daily prayers begin the students’ day.
  • During religion classes, students learn the beliefs and social teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Students participate in mass each week.
  • Students prepare all school masses and prayer services throughout the year.
  • Prayer partners, the pillar of student relationships, unite younger and older students at mass and other school activities.
  • Students are fully prepared for the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation.

While our curriculum emphasizes the Roman Catholic faith, students are also taught to understand and respect people of every religious background.