St. Paul of the Cross School

140 S. Northwest Hwy.
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Phone: 847-825-6366
Fax: 847-825-2466


Please note that each faculty and staff member can be reached at their St. Paul of the Cross email address which is: first initial and last name

NamePositionRoom/OfficePhone # 
Mrs. Paula Almquist Preschool - FD/HD Aide Rm. 116 EGC x3608 Email
Mr. Alexander Bravos Music Teacher Rm. 100 UGC x3643 Email
Mrs. Maggie Burke Kindergarten - FD/HD Aide Rm. 201 EGC x3619 Email
Ms. Megan Chambers 3rd Gr. Homeroom Rm. 215 EGC x3629 Email
Ms. Monica Chaparro 2nd Gr. Homeroom Rm. 211 EGC x3626 Email 
Ms. Mary Connolly Prekindergarten Teacher Rm. 121 EGC x3612 Email
Mrs. Pat Derec Prekindergarten - FD/HD Aide Rm. 134 EGC x3617 Email
Mrs. Megan Dietz Preschool Teacher - HD Rm. 120 EGC x3611 Email
Mrs. Susan Dohr Preschool Teacher - FD/HD Rm. 135 EGC x3618 Email
Ms. Kelly FaQuin 7th Gr. Homeroom Rm. 218 UGC x3633 Email
Mrs. Bridget Fletcher School Secretary EGC EGC Office Rm. 104 x3601 Email
Mrs. Linda Foy School Secretary UGC UGC Office Rm. 203A x3602 Email
Mrs. Stephanie Galvin 5th Gr. Homeroom Rm. 211 UGC x3627 Email
Mrs. Robin Gialanella Prekindergarten Teacher - FD/HD Rm. 116 EGC x3608 Email
Mrs. Peggy Godley Resource Teacher Grades K-3 Rm. 207 EGC x3623 Email
Mrs. Stephanie Golden 5th Gr. Homeroom Rm. 204 UGC x3621 Email
Mrs. Erin Guarnieri 8th Gr. Homeroom  Rm. 219 UGC x3634 Email
Mrs. Susan Hader 1st Gr. Homeroom Rm. 227 EGC x3640 Email
Ms. Mary Therese Iacopelli Assistant Principal Rm. 235 UGC x3641 Email
Mrs. Gail Johnson 3rd Gr. Homeroom Rm. 214 EGC x3628 Email
Mrs. Roberta Kraft 1st Gr. Homeroom Rm. 226 EGC x3639 Email 
Mrs. Ashley Kusinski Kindergarten Teacher - FD/HD Rm. 218 EGC x3632 Email
Ms. Nichole Lewandowski 4th Gr. Homeroom Rm. 210 UGC x3625 Email
Mrs. Marge Lushniak Administrative Assistant Rm. 114 EGC x3605 Email
Mrs. Kathy Manny Financial Manager Rm. 113 EGC x3604  
Mrs. Jan Masalski Prekindergarten - FD/HD Aide Rm. 121 EGC x3612 Email
Mrs. Melissa McCallister 2nd Gr. Homeroom Rm. 209 EGC x3624 Email
Mrs. Maria Mejicanos Spanish Teacher Rm. 131 EGC x3616 Email
Mrs. Melinda Meo 7th Gr. Homeroom  Rm. 217 UGC x3631 Email
Dr. Erika Mickelburgh Principal Rm. 105 EGC x3603 Email
Mrs. Michelle Miulli Kindergarten - FD/HD Aide Rm. 218 EGC x3632 Email
Mrs. Laurene Moran  IT Coordinator Rm. 215 UGC x3636 Email
Mrs. Kate Murphy Kindergarten Teacher - FD/HD Rm. 221 EGC x3635 Email
Mrs. Jennifer Niego Preschool - HD Aide Rm. 120 EGC 3611 Email
Mrs. Rose Nocita Preschool - FD/HD Aide Rm. 135 EGC x3618  Email
Mr. Paul Okimoto 6th Gr. Homeroom Rm. 223 UGC x3638 Email
Mrs. Elizabeth Pecoraro 6th Gr. Homeroom Rm. 127 x3614 Email
Mrs. Mary Ploen Director of Advancement Rm. 109 EGC x3607 Email
Mrs. Mary Ruth Rinaldi Kindergarten Teacher - FD/HD  Rm. 201 EGC x3619 Email
Mrs. Dorothy Ross Resource Teacher  Grades 4-8 Rm. 231 UGC x3655 Email
Mrs. Maria Sanfratello Kindergarten - FD/HD Aide  Rm. 221 x3635 Email 
Mrs. Monica Schultz 8th Gr. Homeroom Rm. 222 UGC x3637 Email
Ms. Theresa Scordo STEAM Rm. 203 UGC x3620 Email
Mrs. Kelly Spanos Preschool Teacher - FD/HD Rm. 134 EGC x3617 Email
Mrs. Helen Stephens 7th Grade Homeroom Rm. 223 UGC x3638 Email
Mrs. Christine Stypka 7-8th Grade Science Teacher Rm. 117 UGC x3610 Email
Ms. Karen Sullivan Prekindergarten - FD/HD Aide Rm. 117 EGC x3609 Email
Mrs. Mary Ellen Ufheil Physical Education Teacher  Rm. 242 UGC x3642 Email
Mrs. Gabriella Valdez 5th Gr. Homeroom Rm. 216 UGC x3630 Email
Mrs. Meghan Waldeck Director of Early Childhood Rm. 109 EGC x3607 Email
Ms. Natalie Whalen Art Teacher Rm. 124 UGC x3613 Email
Ms. Stefanie Xamplas Prekindergarten Teacher - FD/HD Rm. 117 EGC x3609 Email
Mrs. Becky Zimmerman 4th Grade Homeroom Rm. 206 UGC x3622 Email