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Trivia Night 2016

On behalf of Father Britto, Mrs. Bobroff, and the Endowment Committee, thanks to all who attended the 2016 Trivia TriviaNight1 websiteNight supporting the St. Paul of the Cross Educational Endowment Fund. What a fantastic evening filled with great fellowship and so much laughter! A very special thanks to Jim Mueller, our emcee and Trivia guru. This event wouldn't be possible without his enthusiasm and efforts.

Thanks to Caroline Hopkinson, Director of Youth Ministry for St. Paul of the Cross Parish, along with all the members from the Youth Group who came to work at the event. They shared testimonials on the impact the Youth Group has had on their lives, and also how the Endowment Fund's grants have helped them accomplish their mission trips the past few years. They were also helping with judging after each round as well as judging the most creative team/table.

A 50/50 Raffle took place to help the Youth Group raise money for their mission trips this coming summer. They raised a total of $1,750 and are so grateful! 100% of that will go to their cause because the raffle winner made a generous donation right back into the pot.

Once again, we thank all who came to Trivia Night! Such a vibrant and creative crowd supporting such a vital cause ~ Catholic Education.


St. Paul of the Cross Parish Educational Endowment Fund General Information

Educational Endowment Fund

What is it and why do I need to support it?
Catholic training of both the young and old is a necessary component in today's ever-changing environment. The Catholic educational environment continues to embrace the traditional values of family, faith and education.

The St. Paul of the Cross Parish Educational Endowment Fund was developed in 2000 with the goal of keeping Catholic education affordable and accessible for future generations of SPC students. The Endowment is an investment in the long-term viability and vitality of the school. Today, more than ever, the Endowment Fund is necessary to ensure our school's future. It is important that the education provided by the Catholic school have well-respected teachers, programs, materials and facilities. Retaining quality teachers is essential for Catholic education to be successful, as is maintaining a facility large enough to accomodate the needs of approximately 1,200 religious education students. The only way to protect and preserve Catholic education in the 21st Century is to ensure that each Parish School is financially sound through a Parish Endowment Fund. Thanks to the dedication and generosity of our many benefactors, the Endowment Fund currently has over $1,800,000.00. This has allowed the endowment board to allocate $70,000 back to the school's operating budet for the past several years to offset rising expenditures, allowing us to keep tuition increases to a minimum. Additionally, the Endowment has funded need-based tuition scholarships for several families. In addition, the Endowment Fund has supported the mission of our St. Paul of the Cross Parish Youth Group. Over the past three years, the Endowment Fund has provided $8,500 toward the expenses for their service trips. 

The St. Paul of the Cross Educational Endowment Fund helps support the overall educational mission of our Parish in the following ways:

  • To Keep tuition affordable for all families
  • To Maintain and improve educational and religious curriculum for the school children and youth of the Parish and School
  • To Provide financial assistance to families in need
  • To Provide merit based scholarships based upon their Catholic values for several students each year

To donate directly, please click on the Give to SPC button.

Click on the video to watch highlights from our 2012 Endowment Event, "Sister's Christmas Late Nite Catechism."

Endowment Scholarships

Congratulations Maureen McCambridge Scholarship recipient, Mair’ead O.

The St. Paul of the Cross Maureen McCambridge Scholarship 2015Parish Educational Endowment Fund's Maureen McCambridge Scholarship, awarded to an SPC student entering 8th grade, is centered on his or her expression and exemplification of Christian values. At the 2014-2015 school year-end mass, Kelly McCambridge (SPC Class of 2004) spoke about her mother, Maureen. "Her legacy and the admiration people have for her is a reflection of the vibrant, confident, faithful person she was." Kelly went on to say, "The purpose of the scholarship is to continue applauding strong, faithful, motivated students, so that they will impact others the way my mom did." Kelly then introduced this year's recipient. "Mair’ead O. is a student who is admired for her morals, faith, and boisterous approach to life." Congratulations Mair’ead!

Photo: Left to Right: Fr. Britto, Patricia O. Mair’ead O., Brian O., Kelly McCambridge, Jim McCambridge

Congratulations to the St. Paul of the Cross Parish Educational Endowment Fund’s 2015 scholarship recipients.

On behalf of the entire St. Paul of the Cross communityEndowment Scholarship Recipients and the Endowment Committee, Terry Wilson was proud to present the Endowment's four new merit awards to the recipients at our school year-end mass. The Pastoral Leadership Award recipients are: Julia B., Letterio M., and Michael L.. Max T. received the Roseann McHugh New Family Welcome Award. These awards were introduced last year, thanks to our benefactors for their continued generosity and commitment to Catholic education. Three of the awards are the Pastoral Leadership Awards, in honor of Father Carl Morello and Father Britto Berchmans, and are available for 5th and 6th grade SPC School students to apply. These three scholarships are awarded to students who most demonstrate the qualities of leadership and service to others. The fourth new scholarship is the Roseann McHugh New Family Welcome Award. This is available to families who, for the first time during the current school year, have students in K-7th grades and are returning to SPC for a second year. This award is the result of a very recent, generous donation. It is granted to welcome a new family to the SPC School community. Congratulations to all of these fine students and their families.

Photo: Pictured with Fr. Britto and Mrs. Bobroff from left to right: Julia B., Letterio M., Michael L., Max T.



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