Building Bridges

Building Bridges Across Communities
A program in association with The Field Museum

Building Bridges Across Communities, launched in 2007, is an innovative cultural multiplicity project that is shared by The Field Museum, Chicago, St. Paul of the Cross, Park Ridge and Epiphany School, Chicago. 

The goal of this program is to educate students that we all share the common concerns of life, such as food, shelter, relationships, defining ourselves, coming of age, and much more. But the ways we respond to these concerns are different. Therefore, there must be a variety of ways in which we connect in order to share this commonness and reach the end goal. 

Building Bridges Across Communities has three (3) components that attempt to achieve this goal:

  1. Communication - The students exchange who they are and "life" through a periodic "pen pal" connection. 
  2. Education - The grade level teachers find a joint lesson, teach the lesson and the results of that lesson are shared with the grade level students from each school. 
  3. Extension - As a culminating activity for the grade level students, a field trip is taken and shared together in "pen pal" groups.

    We thank The Field Museum for being a partner in "building these bridges", as the museum is more than a destination, it is an extension of the classroom and student life.