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Internet Safety

St. Paul of the Cross School believes that, while technology is essential to education, it is a privilege to receive access to computers and to the Internet. Teachers, students, and parents will be required to agree to and sign an Acceptable Use Policy before entering St. Paul of the Cross School. A copy of that policy follows.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Computer Network and Internet access is available at St. Paul of the Cross School. We are very pleased to bring this access to our school and believe the Internet offers vast, diverse, and unique resources to both teachers and students. Our goal in providing this service is to promote and enhance educational excellence for all members of the school community by facilitating information and resource sharing, problem solving, and communications.

Students will have the opportunity to search and obtain information from around the world to supplement school projects and assignments. Since the Internet connects computers and individual users all over the world, parental permission is needed before a student may use this resource.

With this access also comes the availability of material that may not be considered to be of educational value in the context of the school setting. St. Paul of the Cross School has taken precautions to restrict access to controversial materials by both employees and students through the use of software and a firewall that prevent access to designated inappropriate sources. However, it is impossible to insure that all inappropriate sites have been blocked. The school believes that the advantages and opportunities the Internet provides far outweigh the disadvantages. However, it is the parent and/or guardian’s decision as to whether their child receives access to the Internet. We respect the family’s decision on this issue.

The smooth operation of our computer resources relies upon the proper conduct of the users. Guidelines are provided here so that the school community will be aware of the responsibilities they are about to acquire. We ask that the parent/guardian read over the document with his/her child and discuss the terms, conditions, and significance of acceptable behavior.

Student Acceptable Use Conduct

St. Paul of the Cross School is providing computer network and Internet access that represents wonderful opportunities for students. Since this is a privilege, and not a right, students are to utilize the resources appropriately and in a responsible way that is consistent with our educational policies.

1. Students are to use the computers and Internet access for educational purposes only, under the supervision and directions of teachers and/or staff personnel. Students will abide by all rules and regulations posted for the computers and Internet use.
2. Students are to value and respect the work of others and view or use it only with that person’s consent.
3. Students are to use only school authorized software and media.
4. Students are to respect and obey all copyright and trademark laws.
5. Students are to practice Network etiquette.
6. Students will use appropriate language and material.
7. Students will keep their names, addresses, phone numbers, and passwords confidential. Students will treat information about others as confidential.
8. Students will view, search, and browse only appropriate sites. Students will notify teacher/staff personnel of any defamatory, offensive, or inappropriate material that violates school policy.

Consequences of Policy Violation

Students will be held accountable for their actions. A student’s network or Internet access may be suspended or terminated for any violation or attempted violation of this policy. Violators will also be subject to disciplinary measures, such as suspension or expulsion, in accordance with the guidelines stated in the Student Handbook.