Christine Stypka

Christine Stypka

Welcome to Mrs. Stypka's Science Classroom 117u

Background and Education:
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Illinois Institute of Technology
Master of Arts in Teaching, National-Louis University

Teaching Experience:
At St. Paul of the Cross School since 2002
Three months student teaching at Donaghue School, a Chicago Public School
One year as a Teacher Aide, St. Andrew School, Chicago

Additional Responsibilities at SPC:
Coordinator of Science Focus science fair
Member of Technology Committee
Advisory Board Member for National Junior Honor Society
Co-sponsor of the Future City team. Future City is an engineering design competition.
Sponsor of Materials Choice Award teams. Materials Choice is a Materials Science national competition.
Sponsor of Fenwick Science Contest team.

Non-SPC, School-related Responsibilities:
Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) Region 2 Board Member
IJAS Category Chair for IJAS State Science Exposition




Click here for Science Focus packet.


New textbooks this year:  The textbooks, Science Dimensions, by Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt publishers, Modules B, C, and D for grade 7 and Modules I, J, K, and L for grade 8 are based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). NGSS integrates the practices of both science and engineering with content-area knowledge. The print textbooks are called interactive because you can write in them.  I want any writing to be done in the textbook, not online.

Instructions on how to access the book online have been given in class. The website to access the textbook and resources s  Then the state is Illinois and the district is Archdiocese of Chicago.  Each student has been given his or her personal username and password and has accessed both the Student Edition and the Student ebook in class. 

Science Dimensions (for Grade 7 Life Science). Currently in Module B, Cells and Heredity. There will also be modules on Ecology and the Environment as well as Diversity of Living Things.

Science Dimensions (for Grade 8 Physical Science).  Currently in Module I, Energy and Energy Transfer.  There will also be modules on Chemistry; Force, Motion, and Fields; and Waves and their Applications.

Useful websites:

Here is a good website for the newest science news, written at the student's level:

Website pages for practice on parts of microscope and use of microscope and

Using a triple beam balance to measure mass - a great website by Ohaus, the company that makes our balances

How to use a spring scale to measure weight - here is a link to a powerpoint


Here are useful websites for both grades.  

Click on the website name and it will take you directly to the website.


7th Grade Science Update

 7th grade is finished with the school science fair, called Science Focus. We had a very successful fair with 61 projects. Some students will move on to the regional fair on March 3rd which is held at the Museum of Science and Industry.

7th Grade Science Homework

Thursday, Feb 15th - We are skipping Lesson 2 and going into Lesson 3, Evidence of Common Ancestry.  Bullet note pages 46-53.

Wednesday, Feb 14th - Study for the Quiz on Lesson 1, The Fossil Record. We went over all notes today and you were also given a study guide which we also went over.

Tuesday, Feb 13th - Worksheet from Science World.  Worksheet is called "Water Logged." Quiz on Lesson 1, The Fossil Record, has been moved to Thursday, Feb 15th.

Monday, Feb 12th - Finish bullet noting Lesson 1 on the Fossil Record.  I plan to have a quiz on Wednesday, Feb 14th.

Friday, Feb 9th - No school.  See yesterday's HW.

Thursday, Feb 8th - No homework, but most likely there will be a quiz on Lesson 1, The Fossil Record, next Wednesday, Feb 14.

Wednesday, Feb 7th - You received a new textbook today called Diversity of Living Things.  Module D.  It is available online.  Read and bulliet point pages 6, 7, 8, (skip page 9), 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

Tuesday, Feb 6th - Short quiz on DNA tomorrow.  Open note.

Monday, February 5, 2018 - There will be a short quiz on DNA on this coming Wednesday.  We will review tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - Tomorrow is a quiz on Punnett Squares.  We spent all but five minutes of class time reviewing today.

Monday, January 29, 2018 - Wednesday, there will be a quiz on Punnett Squares.

Thursday, January 25, 2018 - Oral reports are over.  Triboards and oral reports are graded. Yesterday was Science Focus judging.  We are back into our textbook working on Inheritance.  Possibly we will have test on Punnett Squares on this coming Tuesday or Wednesday. I need to see the class schedule for next week, which is Catholic Schools week. 


8th Grade Science Homework

Thursday, Feb 15 - Period 2 - If you didn't finish bullet pointing the Electric Forces pages, finish it tonight.  Period 6 - No homework.  Period 8 - Gravity group - Bullet point the Magnetic Forces pages; Magnetic Forces group - Bullet point the Electric Forces pages.

Wednesday, Feb 14 - Period 2 - Bullet point Electric Forces pages.  Period 6 - No homework, but if you didn't finish going on the website (available to you on googleclassroom), then it would be good to do so.  Focus on triboelectric series.  Period 8 - Gravity and Friction group - quiz; Magnetic Forces group - quiz.

Tuesday, Feb 13 - Period 2 only - Quiz on Magnetic Forces. Also, bring electroscope lab sheet if it has not yet been turned in.  We had no time to deal with it today.  Period 6 only - No homework tonight.  Period 8 only, Gravity and Friction group - Quiz (not open note and not open book) on Thursday.

Monday, Feb 12 - Period 2 only - If you didn't do last Thursday's homework, do it tonight.  Bring lab sheet from today's lab back to class. Plan on quiz on Thursday on magnetism, Lesson 1.  Period 6 only - Bring electroscope lab sheet back tomorrow.  Period 8 only - Gravity and Friction group - finish bullet noting the pages (32+) on friction.  Watch the 3 minute video on What is Friction- Magic Marks.  Magnetism group - bring back lab report unless you turned it in already.

Friday, Feb 9 - No school.  See yesterday's homework.

Thursday, Feb 8 - Period 2 only - page 106, textbook. Read it and answer the questions.  Also, interpret the words of paragraph 2 by drawing a diagram.  Plan on a quiz on Tuesday on Magnetic Forces.  Period 6 only - No homework.  We will do some labs starting next Monday.  Period 8 only - Gravity group - Finish watching and taking notes on Crash Course Kids - Gravity, the compilation video that is 14 minutes long.  Do the virtual lab on the online textbook website.  You were shown how to access this in class and were given a lab sheet to fill out.

Wednesday, Feb 7 - Period 2 only - finish lab report if necessary.  Period 6 only - Read and bullet point Electromagnetism.  Period 8 only - If you earned any kind of D or F on the open book/open note take home quiz, then you need to bullet point and answser the questions on pages 24-31.

Tuesday, Feb 6 - Period 2 only - Lab tomorrow on strength of magnets. (Per 2 did not meet today due to an assembly.)  Period 6 - Read and bullet point Lesson 3, Fields, pages 130-140.  Period 8 only - Your lab reports were due yesterday.

Monday, Feb 5 - Period 2 only - Lab tomorrow on strength of magnets.  Period 6 only - Finish bullet noting pages 114-124 on Electric Forces.  Quiz tomorrow.  Period 8 only - finish your roller coaster lab report.

Tuesday, Jan 30 - Period 2 only - tomorrow is an open note test on gravity and friction.

Monday, Jan 29 - Period 8 only - Since there was no class today in science, I am collecting the tests tomorrow.

Friday, Jan 26 - Period 8 only - you were given an open book/ open note take home test on Gravity and Friction.  It is due back on Monday during HR time.

Thursday, Jan 25 - Period 2 only - Worksheet on coefficient of friction.


Archived 7th Grade Science Updates

May 8, 2017 - Nine seventh graders exhibited in the Poster Session of the State Science Fair.  Three students earned a Silver and six students earned a Gold Award.  Congratulations to all!

Archived 8th Grade Science Update

Monday, May 22nd - One of our 8th grade teams has won First Place in the Materials Choice Award competition, a materials science competition for middle school and high school.